Payment Options

  • You can benefit from the maturity options of the banks that we have contracted for up to 9 months.
  • You can benefit from discounts on money transfers and cash payments.
  • Use the WhatsApp support line for information.
  • You can call our Call Center at 0224 712 0 11 0 and pay by credit card via our customer representatives.
  • You can pay by filling out the mail order form.
  • Your credit card information is not stored in any way after the payment is made.
  • You can pay your payments with more than one credit card, without affecting the card limit, you can pay the amount you want from the credit woman and the rest can be paid by other card or transfer wire.
  • Our customers can pay 25% of the payment at the door when the product is delivered.
  • The products or products purchased in our prepaid sales are kept until the end of the payment and the delivery is made on the requested date after the payments are made. In payments you can carry out payments with cash and credit cards and wire transfers without asking for a guarantor. If you wish you can get detailed information from our call center at 0224 712 0 11 0.