Beyoğlu Sofa Set

10.400  7.770 

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Parts forming the tool: 2 triple seat and 2 armchairs

Color: 250 varieties are available.

Term Time: 21 working days

Product Description: The Beyoğlu Sofa Set, which is from 2018 furniture designs, has been presented to the appreciation of our precious friends.

Product Features:

  • Independent 7 back mechanism and sleeve mechanism 32 dns hr sponge steel machine system
  • The product material is made of first class wood beech wood.
  • The fabric combination on the top is easy to clean.
  • You can evaluate the various color alternatives.
  • The bottom of the product is completely wooden. The color of the paint is changed in the wooden case.
  • With the ergonomics design, logging is a top-level product.
  • First class materials are used in the manufacturing process of the product.
  • All of our products are guaranteed for 24 months.
Taksit TutarıToplam Tutar
Tek Çekim 7.770,00 TL
2 Taksit 3.937,84 TL 7.875,67 TL
3 Taksit 2.649,83 TL 7.949,49 TL
6 Taksit 1.362,08 TL 8.172,49 TL
9 Taksit 936,29 TL 8.426,57 TL
12 Taksit 723,91 TL 8.686,86 TL