Mersin Sofa Set

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Parts forming the tool: 2 triple seat and 2 armchairs
Color: 250 varieties are available.
Term Of Term: 21 working days
Product Description: The Mersin Sofa Set, which is from 2018 furniture designs, has been presented to the appreciation of our precious friends.

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Product Features:
The skeleton is the hornbeam tree and the carvings are made by special handwork.
The product material is made of first class wood beech wood.
The fabric combination on the top is easy to clean.
You can evaluate the various color alternatives.
The bottom of the product is completely wooden. The color of the paint is changed in the wooden case.
With the ergonomics design, logging is a top-level product.
First class materials are used in the manufacturing process of the product.
All of our products are guaranteed for 24 months.

Taksit TutarıToplam Tutar
Tek Çekim 7.250,00 TL
2 Taksit 3.769,64 TL 7.539,28 TL
3 Taksit 2.536,78 TL 7.610,33 TL
6 Taksit 1.303,91 TL 7.823,48 TL
9 Taksit 896,34 TL 8.067,08 TL
12 Taksit 692,98 TL 8.315,75 TL