Sedir Bedroom Set

13.820  10.360 

SKU: 07-GMS-21-01

Parts forming the set: Wardrobe, bedstead, 2 commode, dresser, dresser mirror

Term Time: 21 working days

Product Description: The Sedir Bedroom Set, which is from 2018 furniture designs, has been presented to the appreciation of our precious friends.

Product Features:

  • One chip board and one class mdf is used.
  • Feets consist of first class hornbeam tree.
  • Wardrobe is a sliding door mechanism with double side stop mechanism.
  • The headboard is made of fabric with upholstered foot base.
  • Commode is CNC embroidered front surface and single drawer.
  • Chest of drawers consists of 3 drawers and 1 cover compartment.
  • All of our products are guaranteed for 24 months.
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