shipping furniture abroad

Shipping Furniture Abroad

As Divanse Home Furniture, we offer the opportunity to shipping furniture abroad. We started to export the products on our website not only to European countries but also to the whole world.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to Move Furniture

Who will set the logistics and is there anything the customer has to do? If you wish, you can work with logistics companies that we will arrange for you or you can agree with the logistics company you prefer.

  • Is logistics and product shipping paid?

We deliver products to the country and city you want. Cargo and logistics fees belong to the buyer. Shipping costs vary according to the weight, size of the products and the country of delivery. Therefore, you can contact us through our contact numbers.

Our Contact Numbers: 0 (546) 792 71 10 – or WhatsApp < Click

  • How will the order and product submission process work?

You will be directed to the payment page by adding the product you like from Divanse Furniture to the cart. After successfully making your payment by credit card or EFT / TRANSFER method, your order will fall into our system and we will prepare the product for shipment. In this process, the customer needs to contact us and learn the logistics fee.

  • Are Import and Export Taxes Included in the Shipping Fee?

Import and export taxes are included in the price of transportation. We will pay this price when your order arrives in your country and your order will be delivered safely to your door.

Furniture Shipping Prices Abroad

You can easily complete your furniture purchases by making your payments on our website via credit card or money order, with secure payment steps. The Cost of Furniture Delivery Abroad belongs to the Buyer. Furniture Shipping Prices Abroad vary according to the product and the shipping company.

Sending Furniture to Germany

Some of the cities where we send furniture heavily to Germany are listed as Düsseldorf, Cologne, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Hamburg, Berlin, Munich, and Westfalen. We can ship furniture to all cities in Germany. From these regions, we are generally in demand for products in our wedding package, sofa set, bedroom and dining room categories for Germany.

You can complete your payments through the system on our website by credit card or money order, and complete them easily with secure payment steps. Since we also direct our products as insured during shipping, you can complete your shopping on a secure ground as much as you did from your home country.

When choosing furniture for your home, the biggest advantage of choosing furniture from our website instead of Germany is that you can access affordable and quality products. You can have the model you want with many different options with both model options and advantageous and promotional prices.

Transmission and furniture from Turkey to Germany for further information about sending furniture from Germany my e-mail address, you can direct all your questions to us.

Our Contact Numbers: 0 (546) 792 71 10 – or WhatsApp < Click

Sending Furniture to America

Our shipping furniture to America from Turkey. As Divanse Furniture, distances do not prevent us. We bring the quality and elegance of Turkish furniture to America. We deliver all products you order from Divanse Furniture to the address you have given, to your door, without any distance barriers. For the satisfaction of our customers, we bring your orders to your door with the motto: Distance is not an obstacle.

If you live in America it is not impossible to buy furniture from Turkey. Because as Divanse Furniture, we removed the barriers. We send your furniture purchased in any country, 365 days a year and at any time of the year. We ship our products to especially New York, Los Angeles, Whasington, Boston, San Francisco, Miami, Dallas, Houston and all cities of America.

During shipping, we work with logistics companies that are experts in their fields and are fully insured. We carry out the most robust packaging in order to satisfy our valued customers and to deliver our products to you safely. When you receive the product, we offer you the experience of shopping from the USA.

More information: In international shipments, the shipping cost belongs to the buyer. Shipping costs for America vary according to product sizes. For shipping costs and required information;

Our Contact Numbers: 0 (546) 792 71 10 – or WhatsApp < Click

Divanse Furniture is happy to be with you whenever you want and desire.

Shipping Furniture to France

You can order the products you like from our Bedroom, Dining Room, Tv Unit and Sofa Set categories, which are produced in the light of new trends and that will meet all your needs, using completely local materials, from France via our website.

In addition to advantageous prices and campaigns, you can benefit from extra discounts on your payments with Money Order. As Divanse Furniture, we publish discounts that will make you, our valued customers happy, on our website, and we offer you special cash discounts and quality at affordable prices.

We provide shipping to all cities in France such as Paris, Marseille, Bordeaux, Guingamp, Lyon, Nice, Lile and Alsace.

If you are also completely produced in Turkey, modern quality, If you want us to move beyond the borders of our models in classical and Avangarden can contact us.

Our Contact Numbers: 0 (546) 792 71 10 – or WhatsApp < Click